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A program for conversion of BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG graphics files
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August 11, 2013

About Easy Graphics File Converter

Easy Graphics File Converter is for converting one or many graphics files from one format to another. The graphics file formats supported are GIF, JPG, BMP (Windows bitmap files) and PNG (Portable Network Graphics). The last format is comparatively new, but is supported by later versions of most browsers, allowing PNG images, in addition to the usual GIF and JPG images, to be displayed in web pages. This software allows you to do the following: (i) Convert a single image file to all other supported formats except for GIF (e.g., JPG to PNG and BMP; or GIF to PNG, BMP and JPG). (ii) Convert an image file in any of the four supported formats to a set of JPGs over a range of quality/compression values; this allows optimization of JPG files. (iii) Convert a set of any number of image files from one format to any other except GIF. Converted images can be displayed automatically in the default browser.

Changes in this version:

Now fully Windows 8 compatible

( By Hermetic Systems - Easy Graphics File Converter Publisher )

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